songs for you

my friend jess posts a song on her blog every friday.  she picks her favorites or the best she heard on the radio that day to help you get through your friday work-day.  isn't she sweet?  she's got good taste and probably makes a killer mix-tape.  i have a specific memory of sitting in her little truck in a drive through to get some tater-tots (ha!) and jamming out to some classic elton john.

inspired by my friend, i have picked a couple of goodies for you to enjoy this weekend.
the original version of this song transports me directly to my junior year in high school.  i am loving this cover just as much.  (thanks, pandora!)

here's one last cover that is a little more toe-tapping.  for some reason this makes me want to be at a music festival twirling around with cold beer in my hand.  is that strange?

have a great weekend.


love story

i love this so much. i came across this on my new blog obsession.  this blog inspires me daily and shares the most incredibly creative finds.  please check it out (if you do not already).  click here for credits.

doesn't it make you want to write your own story?

greatest hits

1) paint on the walls!  woot. woot.  chris (and ben) painted several swatches on the wall to help us pick a new hall color.  ben was not such a fan of the ladder.
2) chris prides himself as a burger connoisseur, of sorts.  he can talk for an hour about his top three favorite burger joints in the metroplex (you think i am kidding...)  he has been raving about this place for months, and on friday i finally got a turn.  so delicious.  for real.

{like father like son}
3) a one-year-old's birthday party.  chris caught up with some old high school buddies and the rest of us marveled at ben's smooth dance moves.  wow.  (happy birthday, hh!)
4) for us, a weekend just isn't a weekend without all-good cafe, good 2 go tacos, or both.  this weekend, it was both.
5) a family reunion.  chris's aunt kathryn and cousin kerry drove from minnesota to oklahoma to visit kerry's boyfriend (who is temporarily stationed there).  although his base is three hours from dallas, they all drove down to have dinner with us.  we fed them mexican food and margaritas and were so sad to see them leave.  it was such a treat for us.  this picture is for you, hugh/lynnette/karin! (lynnette, could you email this to kathy so that she can see the picture?  thanks :)
6) walking into a third-grade classroom to a barrage of compliments over a simple green dress i wore that day.  one precious boy said, "mrs. bonner, mrs. bonner, i LOVE your green dress!  you look like a melon!"
ummm, thanks?  his teacher pointed out that at least i'm pregnant.  good point.

7) bubble wrap.  enough said.
8) finding this picture while going through boxes.  me and my besties in 1997 (in sarah's pretty home-made frame)  she wrote all of our nicknames in puff-paint.  and only one of them stuck.  to this day we still call kelly "esha", short for "moesha", short for "ilean ilay moesha spongy squisher a.k.a. flutter flut flut".  she hates it, but i tend to think it may just be the best. nickname. ever.
9) new hallway color.  biscuit.  makes me hungry just typing it.  but then again i am always hungry.  i wish i were joking.
10) world market gift card leftover from christmas + 20% off all mirrors = new mirror for our hallway.  i'll post another pic once it is hung.
we are looking forward to a weekend where absolutely nothing is scheduled other than assembling bookshelves and unpacking sweet little baby things.  what are your weekend plans?
i hope it is lovely...

miyan, click here for the cupcake recipe. 
{i shortened the cooking time for the cupcakes.}  enjoy!

until next time,


happy dance

today this is me.....
the paint is on the walls,
the paint is on the walls,
hi-ho-the dairy-o
the paint is on the walls.

first coat of paint is on the nursery and hallway walls, which means we are one day closer to assembling our shelves, which means we are one day closer to unpacking boxes of baby clothes/books/toys, which means we are one day closer to CROSBY'S BIRTHDAY!

i'll be sure to post pics when it's all said and done (aka this weekend???)  we'll see...yippee, yippee, yay, yay!

p.s. the color we chose for our hallway is appropriately named biscuit.  if only there were a color called pancake....


greatest hits

1) successful ikea trip.  bookshelves: bought.

2) a bridal shower at my sister's for her best friend (the blond bombshell in blue).  her friends are fun, hilarious, and super-cute.  it's fun to be in the audience, even if for just a little bit.
3) a steak dinner with mr. lova lova (remember that song?).  we dressed up, stuffed our faces, caught a late movie (the king's speech---go see it), and even managed to stay awake.  be impressed, be very impressed.

4) family dinner at mom and dad's for zach's birthday.  always delish.  but this picture of my precious cousin jake manages to depress me for a couple of reasons: a) he's too tall, which means he's too old, which means that i am too old.  him being this tall at age 10 isn't good for my self-esteem.  b) he was born when i was in college, which seems like yesterday.  and now he is almost 11, which means that i have been out of college for that long (a reminder that is equally bad for my self-esteem).  how dare he grow up.
5) since we spent all of our money from the money tree on a new mattress, we skipped buying valentine's gifts for each other this year.  chris cheated and bought me these beauties.
for momma.
for daddy.
6) baking carrot-pineapple cupcakes with my favorite little man.
7) a successful trip to the doctor.  it appears as though on sunday i will begin my third trimester.  how did that happen?  doctor's visits will happen more frequently now, which means only one thing: time to pick a paint color for the nursery....

8) a regularly scheduled day off from work.  my little man and i lounged in our jammies, waited on the exterminator, hung up laundry, went to the library, threw sticks and picked weeds at the park.  not that exciting, but so, so good.

9) news that my FIL made it through a very loooooong, intensive back surgery with no complications.  he is already walking around and feeling much better than he did before.  we are so happy that it's over and that he is o.k.  we love you, papa.

10) happy hour at gloria's with my girls this afternoon.  i cannot wait.  maybe they'll let me sniff their mojitos as i fill my belly with chips and beans.

until next time,


greatest hits

it drives my little ocd heart crazy that i am posting my greatest hits on friday and not my normal thursday.  i am sure you will forgive me, dear readers.  so here we go.

1) chris put me on house arrest so he snapped this picture after he and ben built this tiny-headed snowman.  something about this picture cracks me up.
 2)  ben pretends to be a gorilla on a regular basis (is that strange?) but this mask FREAKS him out.  this was the one and only time he wore it. 
 3) a superbowl party with adults only.  i didn't know what to do with myself!  good food, good news, good company, and my music twin even brought me copies of some of his favorite new music.  i must say, he is good to me (but i sure did miss his wife!)
have a listen: the newest avett brothers, amos lee, and the decemberists.

4) another snow day.  seriously?  

5) this haircut.  i will always go to an aveda salon for the scalp and arm massages alone.  by the time those are over, i don't even care what my hair ends up looking like.
 6) my pantsless boy wonder helped me hang up valentine's decorations. 
 7) getting to see our sweet crosby one more time.  he kept hiding his face with his arms while spreading his legs and flashing his jewels for all of us to see.  i interpret that to mean that his funny little boy sense of humor is already fully intact.
8) potential 70 degree weather this weekend.  woohooooooooooo!!!!!

until next time,


'parenthood' is the new pandora

i remember my parents loving the television show 'thirty-something' when i was a kid.  i always thought it was pretty boring.  'saved by the bell' was much more interesting to me.  

i totally get it now.  in our house, we are in love with the show 'parenthood'.  the casting is perfect, the messages are realistic,  the dialogue is hilarious, and the music is right up my alley.  don't get me wrong, it's no 'real housewives of new york' or 'real world/road rules challenge', but it's close. ha!  

here is my latest song obsession from this week's episode.


we're all growns up

{if you are listening to this at work or have small children, consider turning the volume down}

we have talked about getting a king-sized bed for years in the same way we talked about a european vacation or winning the lottery.  all were possibilities, but just not likely, considering our money tree died a while back.

 several weeks ago, after a middle of the night bed-wetting incident, ben slept with us.  this is not a regular occurrance, and we work pretty hard to keep it that way.  the three of us didn't get much sleep that night.  chris woke up and said with certainty, "we need a bigger bed".  we are not small people.  and we have another big guy on the way. 
we did a little online research and discovered that jcp was having a 50% off mattress sale that weekend only.  so our goal of buying a new bed sometime this year, turned into buying one now.  we didn't have enough time to consider that a new mattress also means a new bed frame, new sheets, new blankets, and the whole nine yards.  so we watered our money tree and headed to the mall.
it's really amazing that the bed even fits in our bedroom and somehow manages to make it look even bigger.  we did a little rearranging, found some gorgeous bedding on sale, and even bought a bigger tv (you know, since we were on a roll).  i snapped a few pictures today of our "new" bedroom.
 one of my christmas presents was a painting by my dad.  
isn't she lovely?
 my dressing table.  this thrills me to no end.  you have no idea.  all i need now is a make-up mirror.
 25 weeks pregnant and counting.  crosby says hello.

 a place for my pretties.
 our security system.  if anyone breaks in, chris plans on clubbing them to death with a bat and a cane.
 this armoire has been in my parents bedroom my entire life.  and now it's in ours.  i love shit like that :)  and see our snazzy new tv?  it may look small, but it's big to us.  hi oprah!
bedding sale at west elm. love, love, love it.

we are still in the market for a new headboard, but are in no rush because we are too busy sleeping like babies to care.  and now in the future, a couple of babies have room to sleep in between us, if need be.

greatest hits

{for pictures of what we've been up to in the month of january, click here}

what a week it's been.  a few days of good health and perfect weather book-ended by the virus from hell and record low temperatures.  we have set a record for laziness this week, for the lack of better things to do.  
now presenting: this week's greatest hits.

1) temperatures in the seventies!  playing outside with no coat on.  fever gone.  smiles all around.

 2) rapidly followed by temps in the teens. playing outside (for 3 minutes max) with two coats on.  slippery ice.  snot frozen to face.
 3) cabin fever.  daddy missed two days of work, so we had a weekend in the middle of the week!  ventured out of the house (probably not the smartest move) to the mall (where there was little/no heat and 1/2 the stores were closed).  but lots of mommies had the same idea.  mall = wide open spaces where cooped up young children can run around like lunatics.  makes for an excellent naptime.

 4) and an art project or two in between the mary poppins/toy story/sword and the stone movie marathon.

until next time,


crosby needs this

ooooooh, isn't she pretty?  i think crosby and i would both love to gaze at this every day.

found at this etsy shop.

happy snow day!

'happy ice day' might be a title better suited for today's post.
on sunday we were playing outside in short sleeves in the 70 degree weather.
that's texas for you.
today has consisted of snuggling on the couch, playing outside in the 'snow', art projects, making cookies, movies, naps, and stew in the crockpot.  i went outside only once to step on the porch and snap a picture.  life is good, in a toasty house/comfy pajama kind of way.
today is tuesday and it's currently 19 degrees outside.  there is a sheet of ice on the ground that has no intention of melting anytime soon.  another snow day, perhaps?

hope your day has been warm and toasty, too!