bye bye bondstone

well, y'all.
it's time.

i have been putting it off for long enough.
i have been waiting until our new home feels, well, like a home.  the paint has dried, the pictures are hung, closets are filled.  we are home. 

it's time.

for the new blog, i stuck with a blogspot because i already know how to navigate it and i am too lazy/broke to pay for my own website.  i know people have had problems commenting on this blog in the past.  i wish i knew how to help.  if you have a google account, you should be able to log in to comment.  i kept 'bondstone' in the url for search purposes and changed the name to reflect me, not my address.  if i had originally named my blog something else, i wouldn't have to make this switch.

sometimes blogging feels a lot like talking to yourself, about yourself.  it's so silly.  i have said before that this blog is my scrapbook where i stash pictures, memories, ideas and inspiration.  my new blog will be exactly the same, except with a few more pictures of my house at first!

my new blog is my letter to you.  because for some reason you keep showing up to read me babble about crosby picking his nose, ben's lmfao obsession, and me wanting to be on soul train.  and i will love you for that.  forever (for eva-eva, for eva-eva.  outkast.  anyone?  anyone?)

bookmark, copy/paste, subscribe, follow...whatever it is, be a peach and keep reading.  




two things

two of my loves: the gap and the avett bothers. 
now together???  fuhgeddaboutit.
here's my favorite song off of their new album.
happy listening, y'all.


greatest hits

whew!  friday is almost over, but i am here!
y'all, we have been hustlin'.  we are having my whole family over for dinner on sunday, so we have been using that as our deadline to get shit done.  i am knocking things off my to-do list left and right to get this house ready.  bam!  bam-bam-bam!
Source: etsy.com via Cortney on Pinterest
we are just days away from sitting on the couch and watching tv after the kids go to bed.  say what???  i am pumped.

here's a peek at the best parts of my week.

1) this "worker" gorilla.  a friend pointed out on facebook that it's better than a "slacker" gorilla. 
 true, true.
 2) daddy's little helper.

 3) this little lovebug.
4) getting crafty with my big boy.  can you guess why we are counting down?
5) ben's justin beiber hair.  i must post a video of his (ben's, not beib's) smooth dance moves stat.
6) at work i see beautiful furniture and paint finishes every day.  but sometimes i pick favorites.  like these lacquered paint samples.  they are so shiny you could use them as a mirror.  gorgeous.

looking forward to: getting back on my running program (that's a lie) and having the fam over for dinner.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to? 
feel free to answer :)

until next time,


things i know for sure

1) i bleed maroon.  i love texas a&m university and am proud to be an aggie.
(even if we can't win a dang football game.)
2) when you stand in the direct sunlight for the duration of an entire televised football game, 84 degress feels exactly the same as 102 degrees.
really, sunburn?  reallllly???
3) college girls wear this to football games (see below).  when i was in college we wore t-shirts.  now they wear daisy dukes.  and pearls.  and bedazzeled cowboy boots that match their lace tops.  i didn't get the memo to wear a bow in my hair either.
hey, your six-year-old self called.  
she wants her bow back.
kids.  hmph.

4) sometimes school spirit can be embarrassing.  aggies have a sense of humor, thank god.
5) being in that town makes me miss my friends.  but it warms my heart to know that i am not the only one who made irreplaceable friendships during the college years.  in my opinion, college friends have a bond unlike any other.  (and those bonds continue to form when you share a hotel room with your husband and his college friend while you are still recovering from the stomach bug.  awkward.  just sayin'.)
6) i am so lucky that i had 'intro to psychology' with this guy our freshman year.

read this article.  it makes me proud.

gig 'em!


on my radar

this song keeps popping up on the radio and i am slowly falling head over heels for it.  have you heard it?

it reminds me so much of the john butler trio, whom i was lucky enough to see live a few years ago (pre-children).  
while looking for this video, i discovered that he recently cut off all of those nappy dreadlocks.  i kinda love nappy dreadlocks.  sigh.

first day of school

greatest hits

sometimes short weeks feel the longest, right?  it has been me vs. the stomach bug this week.  i mean, really?  we've paid our dues, stomach bug.  leave us alone now, please.

my photos that i lost last week have magically reappeared on my computer, so this greatest hits is a double dose.  minus the vomit, these past two weeks have been good.  almost as good as my nonfat chai latte tasted after i dropped off my two grumpy angels at school this morning.

here's a peek:

1) when you aren't in school yet and you are homebound with your sibling and baby cousin, you seek pleasure in the little things.  like bubble wrap.  momma was grateful for the fifteen minutes of free entertainment.
 how young is too young to fold fitted sheets?  i need to put these kids to work.  that's why you have kids, right?  to fold your clothes and mow your lawn?
 2) our sweet baby girl (niece).  at my house, she is normally a napping machine.  so when she is awake, we love on her as much as possible.
 3)  a home visit from ben's teacher.  reason 1,324 i love ben's school. {look alive, mrs. brooks!}
 4)  oh, this baby.  he has more personality than the three of us combined.
 5)  backsplash installed!  holla!
6) labor day spent with loved ones at the lake.
 this is just one of a string of really awesome family pictures taken on the boat.  are we having fun yet?
 biggie smalls kept pushing grandpa's hands off of the steering wheel.
 seriously?  the cute factor is killing me softly.
 aaaaaand, he's out.  for two seconds.  then back to screaming his head off.
 6)  crosby has a new best friend of the giant stuffed gorilla variety.
 7) my handsome big boy on his first day of school.
 8) littles would not look at the camera on his first day.  
it's his way or no way.
 9)  smiles over breakfast.
 10) picture wall hung!
 11) my sister picked my boys up from their first day of school since i was working.  she made me a scrapbook page to commemorate ben's first day of school.  i love it more than words can express.  thanks, sis.

looking forward to ben's first soccer practice and a 24-hour trip to college station to watch the aggies beat the hell out of florida (yea, right!).

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,