greatest hits

sometimes short weeks feel the longest, right?  it has been me vs. the stomach bug this week.  i mean, really?  we've paid our dues, stomach bug.  leave us alone now, please.

my photos that i lost last week have magically reappeared on my computer, so this greatest hits is a double dose.  minus the vomit, these past two weeks have been good.  almost as good as my nonfat chai latte tasted after i dropped off my two grumpy angels at school this morning.

here's a peek:

1) when you aren't in school yet and you are homebound with your sibling and baby cousin, you seek pleasure in the little things.  like bubble wrap.  momma was grateful for the fifteen minutes of free entertainment.
 how young is too young to fold fitted sheets?  i need to put these kids to work.  that's why you have kids, right?  to fold your clothes and mow your lawn?
 2) our sweet baby girl (niece).  at my house, she is normally a napping machine.  so when she is awake, we love on her as much as possible.
 3)  a home visit from ben's teacher.  reason 1,324 i love ben's school. {look alive, mrs. brooks!}
 4)  oh, this baby.  he has more personality than the three of us combined.
 5)  backsplash installed!  holla!
6) labor day spent with loved ones at the lake.
 this is just one of a string of really awesome family pictures taken on the boat.  are we having fun yet?
 biggie smalls kept pushing grandpa's hands off of the steering wheel.
 seriously?  the cute factor is killing me softly.
 aaaaaand, he's out.  for two seconds.  then back to screaming his head off.
 6)  crosby has a new best friend of the giant stuffed gorilla variety.
 7) my handsome big boy on his first day of school.
 8) littles would not look at the camera on his first day.  
it's his way or no way.
 9)  smiles over breakfast.
 10) picture wall hung!
 11) my sister picked my boys up from their first day of school since i was working.  she made me a scrapbook page to commemorate ben's first day of school.  i love it more than words can express.  thanks, sis.

looking forward to ben's first soccer practice and a 24-hour trip to college station to watch the aggies beat the hell out of florida (yea, right!).

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,


  1. Your kids are seriously so good looking. Good genes there bonners! xoxo

  2. Is it weird i said good looking? You know what i mean. Beautiful! That's a better way to put it. ;)