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whew!  friday is almost over, but i am here!
y'all, we have been hustlin'.  we are having my whole family over for dinner on sunday, so we have been using that as our deadline to get shit done.  i am knocking things off my to-do list left and right to get this house ready.  bam!  bam-bam-bam!
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we are just days away from sitting on the couch and watching tv after the kids go to bed.  say what???  i am pumped.

here's a peek at the best parts of my week.

1) this "worker" gorilla.  a friend pointed out on facebook that it's better than a "slacker" gorilla. 
 true, true.
 2) daddy's little helper.

 3) this little lovebug.
4) getting crafty with my big boy.  can you guess why we are counting down?
5) ben's justin beiber hair.  i must post a video of his (ben's, not beib's) smooth dance moves stat.
6) at work i see beautiful furniture and paint finishes every day.  but sometimes i pick favorites.  like these lacquered paint samples.  they are so shiny you could use them as a mirror.  gorgeous.

looking forward to: getting back on my running program (that's a lie) and having the fam over for dinner.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to? 
feel free to answer :)

until next time,

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