things i know for sure

1) i bleed maroon.  i love texas a&m university and am proud to be an aggie.
(even if we can't win a dang football game.)
2) when you stand in the direct sunlight for the duration of an entire televised football game, 84 degress feels exactly the same as 102 degrees.
really, sunburn?  reallllly???
3) college girls wear this to football games (see below).  when i was in college we wore t-shirts.  now they wear daisy dukes.  and pearls.  and bedazzeled cowboy boots that match their lace tops.  i didn't get the memo to wear a bow in my hair either.
hey, your six-year-old self called.  
she wants her bow back.
kids.  hmph.

4) sometimes school spirit can be embarrassing.  aggies have a sense of humor, thank god.
5) being in that town makes me miss my friends.  but it warms my heart to know that i am not the only one who made irreplaceable friendships during the college years.  in my opinion, college friends have a bond unlike any other.  (and those bonds continue to form when you share a hotel room with your husband and his college friend while you are still recovering from the stomach bug.  awkward.  just sayin'.)
6) i am so lucky that i had 'intro to psychology' with this guy our freshman year.

read this article.  it makes me proud.

gig 'em!

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