an attitude of gratitude

i woke up this morning not particularly looking forward to the day ahead of me.

during my morning ritual of coffee/facebook/email/blogs before the kids got up, i read a friend's (cheesy) facebook status which proudly exclaimed that she woke up with an "attitude of gratitude".  while normally this would make me roll my eyes, especially that early in the morning, today i was a bit jealous of her positivity.  so i decided to be grateful.

here's what i came up with:
2) i am grateful for my lunch from maple & motor.
3) i am grateful for the gift card for a mani/pedi that i redeemed today.
4) i am grateful for perhaps the most aggressive massage chair ever.  it hurt so good.
5) i am grateful for the sweet little lady who scrubbed my disgusting pitiful feet.  bless her heart.

and of course i am grateful for the boys.  always and forever.

i am officially ready to tackle tomorrow.  

what are you grateful for?  

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