girls trip 2012

here's the story, of nine lovely ladies
who all take a trip together every year.
each of them have no idea, their destination
but they all have no fear.

sarah flew in all the way from portland,
which was all a part of christy's master plan.
we rode a boat and then went to our cabin,
where we drank and swam.

And then one day we all took a painting lesson
where we laughed and made a pretty piece of art.
every minute with each other was the best one.
these girls are my heart.

they are my heart.
they are my heart.
now for next year's trip, the planning i must start!

p.s. christy, you are the master planner.  thank you for the most relaxing, delicious and unforgettable weekend.
p.s.s. click here to read about girls trip #2.
p.s.s.s.  the annual girls trip playlist is coming soon.  
p.s.s.s.s.  the pictures above are a combo of both mine and marcy's.  thanks, marse!


  1. Love this...and you..and them...and it...and well....LOVE!

  2. my friends got married at that house last summer! now we both have good memories there! the world gets a little smaller every day :)