greatest hits

my computer is acting wiggety-wack (which makes me especially nervous considering most of my life is saved on it's hard-drive), so 'greatest hits' will have an instagram theme this week.

i have been on a girls trip high for days now, therefore my week has seemed especially rosy.  here's a peek:

1) as you know, i spent the majority of my weekend here
and here.  bliss.
2) watching sesame street with littles.
3) a lunch date at in-and-out burger with bigs.
4) back to work only to take a break to snap a picture of my papa during his daily ritual of feeding the pigeons.  they see him coming and start the celebration.  lucky birds.
5) picking up the kids after work at my parents.  my baby walks to me, he goes to mothers day out now, he's practically a damn teenager.  slow down, time, sloooow down.
looking forward to late night at the dallas museum of art and a father's day brunch.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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