2nd annual girls trip

BACKSTORY:  it all started with an article in real simple magazine about a group of girlfriends who made it a priority to get away together once a year.  the kicker was that the trip was a surprise.  each year one of the women committed to planning this surprise trip with a specific budget in mind.  the beauty of the story is that they originally decided on a reasonable budget which paid for the entire trip and each year they increased their budget when able. so my group of girlfriends saw this as an opportunity to start a new tradition.  our group of friends does a pretty fantastic job as it is getting together on a fairly regular basis, but since some of us have moved away it is a little trickier.  
this year marcy was in charge of planning the weekend.  i was unsure if i would even be able to go this year since i have a tiny baby, so marcy planned this trip close to home just in case i could go.  and upon my husbands insistence that he could hold down the fort without me, i was able to join the girls.  thank you marcy and chris, you have no idea how much that means to me.
so without further adeu, here is our girls trip greatest hits:

1) sarah coming in from washington to surprise us.   
2)  floating and sun-worshipping, all while sipping cocktails from giant thermoses. (we are all really good at all of those, by the way)

3) dinner at the town's beer garden,
where we people-watched,
laughed with each other,
and danced and twirled
while two local high school boys serenaded us with texas country.
4) went to a fancy resort on a gorgeous ranch,
where we were spa-treated (they even personalized our lockers in the spa bathroom.  fancy.)
and lunched by the pool,
with some necessary hair of the dog.
(our view from the pool)
5) jami walking in the door (from germany, mind you).  danke, jami.  wir liebst du? wir lieben dich? what i am trying to say is, we love you.

it was an unforgettable trip.  we never worried about a thing, marcy spent our money and spoiled us rotten.  i am now pimping out her services as a travel agent (i am only kind of kidding).  let me know if you are interested!

cannot wait to see what happens next time.  
this one will be tough to follow.

*deets: we went to glen rose, texas where marcy rented a beautiful house on the river.  we were pampered at rough creek ranch.


  1. This is so incredible! Awesome! Wonderful! I'm getting teary-eyed :)

  2. yay!! i love this! fun, fun!