bad news, good news

Source: etsy.com via Marli on Pinterest

bad news:  yesterday i could not comfort my baby.
good news: got a doctors appointment.
bad news: they gave him a rectal exam.  poor kid.
good news: doctor determined he is lactose intolerant.
bad news: his new formula costs over $30 a pop.  omg.
good news: they gave us 2 cans of it for free.
bad news: it stinks to high heaven.
good news: my precious baby is finally comfortable.
good news: i have been able to put him down for naps today.
good news: i even managed to shower.  hallelujah (i stunk).
good news: the crankiness is curable, for all of us.

isn't it wonderful when the good news outnumbers the bad?

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  1. you're a good momma. i'm glad you're all a little happier today. just remember that nature doesn't really let us remember the bad stuff when our babies are this little. otherwise we'd never have any more! keep up the good work bonners! love, m