greatest hits

this is how i know exactly how tired i really am: i forgot to blog.  it's thursday.  i never forget about this blog (i love it too, too much), especially on thursdays.  i have instead wasted away a perfectly good naptime by thinking about taking a nap and watching the judds on the oprah winfrey network instead of paying the stack of bills.  darn you, oprah.

my brain is fuzzy right now, friends.  we are in and out of rough patches these days so i have decided to turn this week's greatest hits in a different direction.  this week i will list what i am grateful for.  how's that for accentuating the positive?

1) i am grateful for burgers with the boys.
2) i am grateful for bedtime (for a multitude of reasons).
 3) i am grateful for these tomatoes from our neighborhood farmer's market and these sweet, sweet peaches from tyler (thanks, jason and kristie).
 4) i am grateful for this smile because in this moment his tiny little tummy is not in turmoil.  poor kid.
 5) i am grateful that my boys love each other so much.
 6) i am grateful for my goofy kid (and the photo wall, for that matter).  he's a ghost in this instance, in case you were wondering.
 7) i am grateful for baby joe (which also means a play date for me with his momma).
 8) i am grateful for ellie's kisses.  she gives them freely and they are just the sweetest.  (happy 2nd birthday, eg!)
 9) i am thankful for ellie's momma for taking care of one so i can attend to another.
 10) i am grateful for gymnastics.  day one and my boy looooves the trampoline (as well as roaming off away from the group.  oh well, it's just been one day, right?)
 11) breakfast at a new (to us) restaurant with creative decor.  those are industrial-sized whisk attachments.
12) i am grateful for this sticky bun.  my oh my.
13) i am grateful for my husband.
14) i am grateful for my momma.
15) i am grateful for a thoughtful card from a thoughtful friend.  
(all three swoop in when i need them most)

this weekend i am looking forward to a birthday party, spending the night at the lakehouse, fireworks, seeing my sister, and spending monday with my husband home!!!  woot, woot!

i  hope you all have a wonderful, restful holiday weekend.

p.s. i am grateful to you for reading this blog.

until next time,


  1. I love your blog, and your family is obvioulsy over-the-top adorable. So glad to see what you're up to after so many years! I'm trying to figure out how to follow your blog on mine, but I am truly technologically deficient. Hope you have a great weekend, mama!

  2. I knew Ben would love gymnastics...trampoline is Ellie's favorite as well:) Tooooo fun!