greatest hits

chris' parents live in syracuse, new york.  the sad thing about them living so far away is that we don't get to see them as often as we would like.  but on the other hand, them living so far away makes it very special when we do get to see them once or twice a year.  visits usually entail a road trip and/or plane ride, meal-planning, anticipatory phone calls, huge hugs, homemade lasagna, family walks, mexican food and margaritas, scotch (always), quality cousin time, and adventures around every corner.  they were here last week to meet their newest grandson and to soak up the things about texas they miss dearly.  it was nice to have them on our turf so we could teach them all about thomas the train and stuff them with tex-mex and barbeque.  
when nana and pap visit, we:

1) take walks {crosby's first bonner family stroll around the neighborhood}.
2) save our first smile especially for nana {my camera was no where in sight to capture the event}.
3) learn how to crack pistachios correctly.
4) eat outdoors as much as possible. {the bonners miss the texas heat.  let me clarify, they miss the texas heat in may}.
5) introduce them to our neighborhood farmers market {where a certain little boy got to hold a compost worm}.
6) go to the zoo.

7) eat barbeque.
8) take a break from the heat.
9) hang out with cousin ava.
{it is tradition that whenever any of the cousins are together, we take a group picture.  our strategy is to literally corral them onto a couch and snap as many pictures as possible in a couple of minutes with the hope that at least one of them will be a keeper.  well, i snapped some keepers alright.  can you tell we were dealing with a couple of three year olds?}

10) snuggle before we have to say goodbye.

it was a great visit that we are still talking about here on bondstone.  and perfectly, when the temps reach over a hundred degrees here in july, we will leave on a jet-plane to sryacuse where our sweet family and temps in the seventies await us.  we cannot wait!

p.s.  this snugglebug is four weeks old.

how was your week?

until next time, 

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