baby daddy

i have the best dad.  he tucked me into bed every night by telling me how proud he was of me.  he supported my dreams.  he was present and loving and set the bar very high for the kind of father i would want my husband to be.
then i met this guy and i quickly knew that he would not only be a good friend, but a good partner, and ultimately a good father.  and not just a good dad, but a tuck-you-into-bed-every-night-telling-you-how-proud-he-is-of-you great dad.
chris-bo, thank you for my two boys.  they will grow up feeling safe, supported and loved because of you.  they will know how to play baseball, how to recite bob dylan lyrics, and how to treat a woman. just some of the many things that prove to me that i picked the perfect partner.  we love you, daddy.  
happy father's day, one day late.

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