beats, rhymes, and life

those of you that know me well (or those that have been reading the blog a while) know that my musical taste is all over the place.  i have a soft spot in my heart for all types of music and many times it is because i connect music to memories.  and boy do i love me some good hip-hop.  not all of it mind you, and usually not the top 40 stuff (although the top 40 stuff is good for a dance party.  by yourself.  in your car.  not that i ever do that.)  my method involves hearing something i like, doing a little research, and becoming a devout fan for life.  once i am a fan, i am a fan forever.

enter a tribe called quest.  namely q-tip (a member of a tribe called quest, for you non-fans).  yes, his name is q-tip (i just had a flashback to high school when i was listening to a lot of the smashing pumpkins and the expressions/eye rolls from my parents when they learned the name of the band.  smashing pumpkins?!?!?!  what the hell kind of name is that?  i agree now, mom and dad.)

i love his voice, i love his lyrics, i love the memories i have attached to his music.  chris and i were lucky enough to hear him live (solo) a couple of years ago.  and although momma drank a little too much at the concert, it was hands down my favorite. show. ever.

needless to say, my heart skipped a beat or two when chris told me about this.

p.s. and to make it even cuter, michael rappaport directed the documentary.  remember him as pheobe's gun-loving cop boyfriend on friends?  or from the movie, beautiful girls?  by the way, if you haven't seen that movie, you should.  it's fantastic.

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