things i know for sure


2) i would rather shoot myself in the foot than ever travel to morrocco (or anywhere else) with ramona from the real housewives of new york.  i'll take jill zarin any day.
3) babies can tell when their parents are eating and showering.  i can prove it.
4) my youngest son cries like i am plucking each hair out of his head one by one (that is when he is not busy snuggling or charming us with his mad smiling skills).  we need ear plugs up in here.
5) speaking of plucking, if my money tree were still alive, i would pay to NEVER have to pluck my eyebrows again.  hate is not a strong enough word.
6) i miss my sister.
7) modelo especial > tecate > corona (i've done a bit of research on this)
8) my hunger is really interfering with my diet. (this takes us back to #1)

what do you know for sure?

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  1. things i know for sure:
    i miss you too.