greatest hits

1) this tough guy.  although we have had some serious drama with his little digestive system, he is still a little trooper.
2) my boys + patio + bob armstrong dip + matt's margarita = a little slice of heaven
3) swim lesson success.
4) smiles.
5) hanging with the greats.
6) our little fish.
7) spending saturday morning in my parent's pool.  ben orchestrated this pool jump with daddy and grandpa.

8) spending father's day in his sunday best.
9) father's day with these guys (and my entire family. we've got some good daddies to celebrate in our clan!)
10) new bedtime rituals.
11) my most successful "mommy" day to date.  me, both boys, picnic, spray park, t.c. shaved ice, no meltdowns, sleeping baby.  i even remembered to bring the little fan to keep the sleeping baby cool (granted i don't always remember when they last bathed or when to trim their nails, but today i remembered the fan.  and that, my friends, is success.)
12) not pictured: dinner with my husband sans children.  it was bliss.  thank you, marcy.

how was your week?

until next time,


  1. those two kiddos are heartbreaking. Love them holding hands.. and the pool jump. So cute.

  2. I can't even handle the pool jump and SOOO impressed with the outing...you are awesome!

  3. oh.my.
    that "pool jump" is toooo funny!

    love you and your babies!