greatest hits

another week spent getting to know one another.  we seem to be going through an *adjustment* phase, but in the meantime, life keeps on chugging on as usual.  here is a look at our week:

1) serious face, silly face.
2) the most heavenly saturday morning (sans humidity) spent in my parents pool swimming with our little minnow.  crosby watched a.k.a. slept in the shade while we all got a little color on our skin.  it felt good.

3) a brief unexpected visit from our dear friends tyson and amy (driving through dallas on their way back to austin).  tyson is my husband's best friend, his daughter cameron is chris' god-daughter.  seeing him (and his wife amy) is like a breath of fresh air.  we are always sad for a while after we part ways.
4) our friends the penrods brought us dinner (delicious, julie!), kept us company and snuggled our baby. oh yeah, julie brought pie.  homemade chocolate pie.  i kind of can't stop thinking about it.
5) tummy-time.
6) swim lessons.  ben can't decide if he loves it or hates it.
7) whitney english warehouse sale.  if you live in dallas, go, it's not too late.  the picture below shows only half of what i bought (for under $30, thankyouverymuch).  marcy's sister, anna, is a designer for the company and has her own line of stationery, ruby june celebrates.  check her out!

how was your week?

until next time,

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