before my pregnancy, we were pretty good about sitting down at the table to eat dinner as a family.  then came my pregnancy, which brought with it a severe aversion to cooking along with a general laziness when it came to our evening meals.  we spent (and still do....oops) many a meal camped out in front of the television.  during this time, ben has developed quite an attachment to a few of television's finest programs: 'diners, drive-ins, and dives', 'wipe-out', and most importantly 'dancing with the stars'.  except he calls it 'dancing in the stars', which i find a little disturbing.  yet i am even more disturbed that his favorite dancer last season was kendra.  kendra, as in playboy bunny kendra.  kendra, as in hugh hefner's former concubine kendra.  let's hope this doesn't foreshadow his taste in women.  just sayin'.
after dinner, we were often entertained my ben's own 'dancing in the stars' routine, after which he would insist that we all give him 10's.  here is a video of my child's mad dancing skills.  keep in mind that this particular performance lacks the usual verve (you know, since it was more of a mommy-prompted routine than an impromptu one).  enjoy!

p.s.  we need to find this kid an agent stat.


  1. oh my god. my favorite part - "Can watch it?, Can I watch it, Momma?" i give him a 10!

  2. baahahaaa!!! Texie would be so proud!