this and that

here are a few things i am love, love, loving today.

1) i find this bing commercial hilarious.  do you?  gotta give props to you friends.

2) flipping channels and coming across the movie, 500 days of summer.  i forgot how cute it was, especially this scene.  i dare you to watch it without smiling.

3) kelly always finds the best prints.

4) pictures of famous people hanging out? yes, please.

5) i should tattoo this to my forehead.  
check out her other prints.

6) ol' alice is at it again.  click below to read the why and how behind these photos.

7) these two blog posts about motherhood are so beautiful, i wish i had written them. read here and here.
posts like these are the reasons why i read these particular women's blogs.  they are honest and candid and eloquent. 

8) speaking of motherhood, i found this anna quinlan quote here.  joslyn is a dallas blogger, which is only one of the million reasons i like her blog.  check her out.

"I think having bright lines and boundaries really worked for us, that it made our kids strong and secure because they were clear on expectations and responsibilities. But I wish I had been better able to combine that with letting things go a little bit. Nobody really needs a bath every night. Nobody really needs a balanced meal for every meal. I should have let the freak flag fly a bit more. It’s hard to be a Type A mom. I wish I could have been a bit more B plus, for my sake and their own."

enjoy, sweet readers!

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