things i know for sure

1) i am tiiiiiiiiiiired.
2) i heard this song today and quickly decided that i will never get sick of it.  i think that makes me either dorky, old, or both.
3) my heart melts when my oldest son tells me daily that he is glad i am not in the hospital anymore.
4) i fear that the temper of that same child who melts my heart daily will be just as ferocious or worse the older he gets.  if it is this nasty when he's three, what will sixteen be like?
5) margaritas from matt's are just as delicious now as they were 10 months ago.  unfortunately, so is blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream {i should really kick that habit}.
6) my baby-baby has blue eyes like his daddy. 
7) i just mistook my dog for my husband by the sound of his snore.
8) going to target with two is possible. 
9) the baby bjorn is genius.
10) when i worry, it is usually for no good reason.  most things turn out just fine.  i am feeling anxious right now and i cannot pin-point the cause.  i need to channel my inner bob marley.

what do you know for sure?

go mavs!


  1. I know for sure that you are an amazing momma and you know what else.. you sure are funny!!
    point in case: 7) i just mistook my dog for my husband by the sound of his snore.
    xoxoxo, i also know you are awesome and i love ya!

  2. 1) i know for sure you are a great mom, and i feel sure that bens temper will only subside with age, being three and adjusting to having to share attention is probably pretty frustrating, but it will get easier for the little guy.
    2) um, aboo on that song! to funny!
    3) blue eyes!?!?!?! such a handsome boy he is!
    4) i love you.