greatest hits

things have slowed down tremendously in the two weeks since crosby was born.  the days are blurry and the nights are blurrier.  but there really is no sweeter time than the first few weeks home with a new baby.  time is spent getting to know one another and deciding things like whose ears the new baby has.  here is a general idea of how we have spent the week:

1) eating sushi.  as delicious as i remember.
2) introducing friends to our new roommate.
3) couching with crosby with an occasional nap thrown in.

4) a patio picnic with this cute baby and his mick jagger lips,
and his big brother (who loves to water the plants).
5) lots of family time.

pretty exciting, huh?
life is slower right now, but it's so, so good.

how was your week?

until next time,

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