greatest hits

*earlier this week, i began writing a post where i waxed poetic about my devout love for the readers of this blog.  it was very heartfelt, believe me.  however, when stupid blogger was out of service ALL DAY on thursday (my regular greatest hits day), my love letter to you somehow vanished.  so just know that i love all of you.  it says i have 21 followers but i know there are more of you lurking because of the comments and/or sweet messages you send me on facebook.  most of you i haven't seen in years, and somehow, someway, through this large (yet very small) blogoshere, you have become very dear friends.  so thank you for your kind words (it's the only way i know you are here) and thank you for reading my little blog.  you are the best, i mean it.

being that it was our first week at home with a new baby, our days and nights sort of blurred together.  here is a very general greatest hits for last week, written by a woman who has thought all day that it is sunday (although it is actually saturday).  let's just say my brain is a tad bit....fuzzy.

 1) visits from friends and family.

2) my momma's home-cooked meals

3) photo-shoots
(melissa is so, so good at what she does.  
4) adjusting to our new normal

 5) the two-besties welcoming another into their fold. i love those guys.
 6) crosby's first stroll around the block
 can you tell by his expression how much he loved it?
 7) kissing and sniffing and snuggling this one to death.  cannot. get. enough.
 8) trying to convince the big brother that the rules are still the same, our expectations are the same, and our love for him is the same.  his little world has turned upside down and it breaks my heart.  i find comfort in the fact that he loves his baby brother very much.  it's now us he's unsure about.

p.s. bad news: i cannot drive until wednesday (boring). 
good news: i can now tell my feet apart from my calves and ankles.
i put on a pair of non-maternity jeans (progress).

how was your week?

until next time,

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  1. Ha! I am so glad you can differentiate your feet from the rest of your legs...that has to be a good feeling. Loving all the pictures of little Crosby...he's precious...keep 'em coming!