things i know for sure

1) parenting my toddler is a lot more tiring than parenting my newborn.
2) i love nurses.  i miss mine.  patricia and casie were my favorites, and although i will never see them again, i will never forget them.
3) if the swelling in my feet and ankles doesn't go away soon, i need to either a) audition for a freakish medical reality show on tlc, or b) start to worry.
4) i am pissed my pain medicine makes me feel worse rather than better, because i still need it.  hydrocodone and i used to get along so well, now not so much.
5) i now utter phrases i never thought would come out of my mouth in a million years.  for example: "please stop licking your brother". 
6) i never heed the advice, "nap while the baby naps".  i blog while the baby naps.
7) my impatience will be the end of me.  just a couple of weeks ago i was more than ready to have a baby even though it wasn't time yet.  now that i have had him i am so, so, so ready to fit into my old clothes, stop swelling, hop on a treadmill, eat sushi, drink some beer, wear normal shoes, go on walks and outings with my three handsome men.  i am crawling out of my skin.  tick, tock, tick, tock.
8) turns out there was plenty of room in my heart to love both ben and crosby.  so much so i feel like it might burst.
9) ben will be a great big brother.  i can feel it in my bones.
10) rumor has it, cabbage helps slow down breast milk production.  i'll spare you the details, but i may never be able to look at cole slaw the same way again.

the end.

what do you know for sure?


  1. that i can't wait to be in your shoes! bring on the babies!!!

  2. that your blogs always make me smile

  3. I'm so glad you're back, Cort! While you're going through it, it seems like it takes forever, and then just like that...poof...they're running around and sassing you. You got this, girl! :)

  4. i know that I agree with Marli and also that you make cute babies! I also think that "stop licking your brother" quote made me laugh, literally, out loud :)