greatest hits

my week in pictures:

1) celebrating my momma's birthday.  burgers and beer on a patio one night, home-cooked family dinner another night.  we love you, mimi.  happy birthday~~~
2) seeing this picture and realizing that this must be what i look like to my children.  a lady in pajamas with a camera attached to her face.
3) chocolate donut mouths make for sweet kisses.
4) the most ill-planned trip to eat at the brand new in-and-out burger in frisco.  first of all, due to construction it took us forever to just get on the tollroad, then our newborn decided he needed food immediately, then we got to frisco and couldn't find the damn place, then we saw the line to get in wrapped around the entire restaurant.  we had low blood sugar and road rage.  even though we didn't get the burger experience we were after, we did find some old locomotives for ben to climb on.  see?  that's me looking on the bright side.

5) a popsicle picnic.
6) ben's end-of-the-year program at school.  he wanted no part of twinkle, twinkle, little star, but sang the hell out of the itsy, bitsy spider.
7) these eyes.
8) those snuggles.
9) bath time.  which means the baby cries, but the reward is slathering him with yummy smelling baby lotion afterwards.
10) figuring out how to handle them both, at the same time, successfully.  it helps that they are super cute.
11) having a baby means people want to cook for you, which is awesome by the way, especially when it's my grandmother's smothered chicken.  she can make brown gravy in a cast iron skillet like nobody's business.  i asked her if she would make this for me more often if i kept having babies.  i'm considering it, people.
12)  who is 3 weeks old?  THIS GUY!
13) summer haircuts.  we all got one.
14) saying goodbye to oprah.  we'll miss you, opes (like that, jessica???)
{image via mighty girl}

how was your week?  chris' parents are in town and we are so excited.  so, i'll catch y'all on the flipside.

until next time, 


  1. haha! awe, i'll miss opes for sure! did you get the in and out burger? and i want that smothered chicken now.

  2. Oh, the low blood sugar arrival at a restaurant is NEVER good! People best watch out!

    Everything else, I approve of :)

    I can't believe he's 3 weeks old already. Amazing :)

  3. Fun week and cute pictures! Sounds like flying to California for an In and out burger would have been less exhausting... ;)