my mother's day present

welcome to the world,
crosby nelson
born may 4, 2011
7:52 am
7 lbs., 4 oz.

love is:

catching that first glimpse,
holding your baby for the first time 
(after waiting very, very patiently),
daddy's hands,
little glances,
 meeting your sibling,
sharing your toys,
sharing your best friend,
watching your grandfather hold his great-grandson,
a hospital picnic,
the oldest and best of friends making you forget it's time to take your pain medicine,
a nurse who so gently awakes you in the middle of the night to deliver percocet,
another nurse who helps you shower when you still can't feel your feet after surgery,
a fancy going-home-from-the-hospital outfit,
daddy's voice,
a homecoming,
homemade cards and little blue boxes,
"napping" as a family.

happy mother's day!  i hope yours is as sweet as mine.

we love you, mom/mimi and mom/nana 
(two of the very best mommas we know).

*for more pictures of crosby's arrival, click here.  
a couple are from the OR, so be prepared :)


  1. I just read this three times. What an amazing gift of a family. Love and good vibes to all 4 of you.

  2. TEARS in my eyeballz at work. so sweet momma Cort. xoxox