greatest hits- baby week edition

{my greatest hits is a little premature this week because yesterday we found out that i am having this baby TOMORROW!  woohoo.  i have so many posts planned for the future, but in all honesty i have no idea what life will be like as the parent of two children, or when i will have enough time to take a breath much less blog anywhere in the near future.  i love this blog like it's one of my babies and i love my readers just as much.  i'll miss you and will be back as soon as i get my feet back on the ground.  please send us good thoughts tomorrow morning.  thanks, my loves.  here is this week's greatest hits, pre-baby.}

1) an "art show" at ben's school.
mimi won the auction so ben could bring the class painting home.
thanks, mimi!
 2) new plants.
 3) barbeque at it's best: on brown paper, with white bread, cheese and pickles.
 click here for more info.
 4) my new herb garden.
 5) tiny tomato plants.
 6) spending time in the sun with my big boy on his last day as an only child (btw- i never anticipated how emotional this part would be.  damn hormones.)
so far today, ben:

  • snuggled with me.
  • mooned me.  
  • informed me that mermaids don't have boodies. (ummmmm, okay.)
  • stepped in dog poo.
  • colored the sleeping dog with sidewalk chalk.
  • caught a caterpillar.
  • ate sand.
  • made me laugh a million times.
  • snuggled with me some more.
ben is conditioning me to be the parent of two boys.  and i love him for it.  we cannot wait to meet his brother.  stay tuned for pictures of our new little guy.



  1. Congrats Cortney!! I'll be sending lots of love and good thoughts tomorrow morning for you and your sweet family. You'll be missed in Blogger world, but i know you'll be back soon!! lots of love!! xoxo

  2. oh my god, so excited! can't wait to see pictures. good luck to you and your boys -- all 3 of them :) love,