greatest hits

this week involved LOTS of candy.  here are some highlights:

1) this artist.
2) dinner with my mom, just the two of us.
3) a bloom off of our magnolia tree.
4) deviled eggs.
5) 37 weeks {and finding out that he might not come early after all, which i am trying to convince myself is good news}
6) this 11 year old.
8) an easter egg hunt.
9) this cute cousin.
9) baseball poses.
10) a cake-egg with my name on it.
11) dinner from a friend.
12) hydrangeas galore.  from garden to vase.

how was your week?

until next time,


  1. i love your greatest hits! look forward to them every week, i gotta get a better camera! - You look super great in that dress!! and i LOVE deviled eggs- high lite of my easter ;)
    is Ben pant-less and painting? Adorable! xoxo

  2. love the magnolia - gorgeous. and the deviled eggs! love the specialty plate - my favorite.
    37 weeks! it's almost time. it's good he's not early - i like big, hearty babies.

  3. You look AMAZING and ohmygod is *tomorrow* baby day??????