benosaurus rex

a certain prehistoric tradition requires that a young tyrannosaurus rex gather his dinosaur peers of all species, ages, colors and sizes together to celebrate his third birthday.  
this birthday marks a coming-of-age for a young dinosaur.

 on benosaurus rex's special day:
 big brother dinosaurs embraced their baby sisters
 cross-species friendships were formed
 a new baby dino was initiated into the herd
 young dinosaurs honored the past by unearthing fossils of their ancestors
 magceratops looked out for the younger females in the herd
 a little t.rex had some growing pains
 dinosaur eggs were discovered

 love connections were made despite age differences
 benosaurus blew out his candles in one ferocious breath

{it truly does take a village to raise a child dinosaur.  i have been telling myself throughout this entire pregnancy that if i could get through ben's party, then i would ride out the remaining five weeks on cruise control.  i may have had the party ideas, but my sweet husband was the muscle.  also, thanks mom and dad for the cupcakes, and marcy for your dinosaur transportation and photography services.  party well done.}