georgia on my mind

we cannot stop watching the footage of the recent tornados that have devastated the south.  the tornados seemed to take a similar route to the one we take while driving to visit our family in northwestern georgia.  we have made the long drive several times and have come to fall in love with the beautiful scenery, true southern accents, and unique culture.  there is no better place to people-watch than at a gas station in rural alabama/mississippi.  on our last trip we scoured the streets tuscaloosa for a chick-fil-a.  it had been a few hours since our last fix and we needed more! (chick-fil-a is a staple on any southern road trip)  and now tuscaloosa is destroyed.
the thought of my sister-in-law having to wake up these three precious turkeys last night to relocate to their basement to wait out the storms is enough to break my heart in two.  
thank god rome, georgia was spared. 
and may he bless those who were not.


  1. i must have been to a different gas station because all i was was scared! ;)