greatest hits

this week's greatest hits is pretty weak.  my week has consisted of a combination of work, 5-minute naps, couch, elevated feet, and falling in and out of love with the big 3-year-old attitude that resides at this house.

1) celebrating ben boy's birthday.  cupcakes at school, children's aquarium, presents, chick-fil-a, candles and cake.  good times.

2) who knew sting rays were this cute?  they smile.
 3) birthday aftermath.  this picture makes me want to laugh/cry.  where exactly is a baby swing going to fit in this room?
 4) sending my sweets off to a mavs game.  momma stayed home and watched real housewives.  it's the little things.
 5) 35 weeks and counting.  please ignore the greasy hair/nubby ponytail/scary eyes combination.
 6) a playdate with ben's beloved mags.  i have a thousand pictures just like this one starting from when they could barely run.  now they are three.  sniffle.
 7) this adoooooorable elephant family.  i ordered some vinyl decals for crosby's room from an old friend's etsy shop, and she included these for ben.  is it not the cutest?  you are too kind, coren.  thank you, he loves them.
 i am sure there is more, but it hurts my brain to try to remember right now.  how was your week?

until next time,

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