greatest hits

here are a few things that have made my week:

1) this kid.
2) this family portrait.
3) a package on the porch from germany.  danke, jami!

4) turning 32.
{students made me hand-made cards, a friend bought me lunch, thoughtful gifts from my friend and my boys, sweet phone calls, texts and facebook posts, dinner at my very favorite restaurant, jimmy's italian cream cake for dessert.}

5) my favorite restaurant, s&d oyster bar.  it's like stepping into new orleans (and you know how i love nola).
the waiters are well-dressed.  the patrons are handsome.  the tablecloths are checkered. the gumbo is hot and delicious.
the shrimp salad is mouth-watering.
the ceilings are glossy.  the walls are painted brick. and the floors are hexagonal tiles.  i love everything about it.  if you live in the metroplex and love seafood, please go soon.  and order the shrimp salad, for the love of pete.
6) my birthday twin maggie turned three.  we celebrated by eating cupcakes, sliding down slides, and throwing sticks in a creek.
7) lunch on a patio here.
8) dinner on our deck.
9) the most perfect day:
artmart at the bathhouse.

eating pizza on a patio.
finding treasures here.
buying this beautiful canvas for our bedroom 
(and paying less than $30).
9) these shades.
10) this spin around the block.
11) this recipe from this cookbook.  delicious.

12) the news that crosby will most likely arrive before his due date.  another april baby possibly? stay tuned.

until next time,


  1. Aw, happy birthday again, Cort! And this post makes me wanna go to Dallas soooo baaaaadly!

  2. OMG, i love your life. i was thinking the same thing as the comment before me-- makes me SOO Homesick for texas- eating outside and porch sitting and parks and white rock lake..
    love you and can't wait to hear more about Crosby's arrival. xoxo

  3. ahhh!! why can't we live in the same city? your greatest hits always make me miss dallas and you! s&d is our family favorite, too. my mom used to let me play hookie on my birthday to have lunch with her there. best oysters in dallas. also love the chicken mac - it's a guaranteed toddler-pleaser :) can't wait to see pics of crosby! lv, m