for christmas, chris got a fancy-shmancy ipad.  an on this ipad was a fancy-shmancy app call flipboard.  and on flipboard was this art website called my modern met.  have you heard about it?  i hadn't.  and on this website are blogs.  i am obsessed with one blogger in particular,  alice.

i love alice.  i want to be friends with alice.  i want alice's job.  she posts the most incredible finds from the art world daily. how does she find out about all this amazing stuff? warning, if you subscribe to her blog, your reader will be instantly full because she posts.  a lot.  not a day goes by that i don't look at what she has found and say "wow".  audibly.  this stuff is incredible.  here is a small taste of my recent favorites.  please, please, please check it out if you have a minute or two or two-hundred.

photograph by judy gelles.  she asked inner city fourth graders three questions to help her get to know them better.  to see the complete series and to read alice's post about the project, click here.   they made me cry, which might explain my choice of profession. 
aerial photograph of yellowstone, montana by cameron davidson.  to read alice's interview with him and to see more incredible photographs , click here.
photo of an exhausted father at a wedding by wedding photographers, twin lens.  to read the explanation of this photograph, click here.
hahahahaha!  i've seen these pop up all over the place.  thanks again alice for pointing them out first.  cards by sapling press.  click here to laugh your butt off.
again, too funny. this one is called teenage angst.  toy photographs by artist, aled lewis.  read, see, and laugh more here.
i think i am in love with this girl.  check out her father's photo series of her and her sister.
this piece was made by artist matthew cusick out of MAPS!  incredible.  to see more of his art and to read a little about him, click here.

i have to make myself stop here. (i could easily keep going).
i hope you enjoy the art.


  1. wow. thanks for sharing. the inner city students stole my heart and am now a follower of alice. awesome art.

  2. I love it when you post stuff like this. I feel like it helps me to better appreciate art from a girl who is already art-y. :)