how to grow big babies

ben was a 9.8 lb. baby.  up until last week, crosby was measuring pretty average.  this past doctor's appointment revealed that i am starting to measure a week ahead.  apparently, i grow big babies.

it must be because of my stellar diet.  i am obviously the poster-child for good nutrition during pregnancy.  apparently there are a lot of vitamins and nutrients hidden in a whataburger with cheese.

so if you are interested in growing a giant baby of your own, consider trying out my diet.  it seems to work.

cravings during my pregnancy with ben:

cravings during my pregnancy with crosby:


ingesting large quantities of dairy products
a variety of breakfast choices
an aversion to cooking meat
an aversion to cooking anything


 i have eaten a few pieces of fruit this time around.

shame on me.

p.s. chris has pointed out that i left cheese grits off of my pie chart.  they are a pretty large piece of the pie.  i hear that grits help with fetal brain development. ;)


  1. awesome, i love this diet. AND you made a pie chart. i am impressed with your skills :)

  2. excuse you and your pie charts! love it!!! and your big babies!

  3. this was too cute! love the cravings pie charts!!!!


  4. Oh girl!! This made my day!! Chloe and Jack were both 9 pounds and people ask me all the time how I had such big babies. NOW I KNOW WHY!!! My diet was very consistent with yours, exept I'd have to add Route 44 Vanilla Coke from Sonic and taquitos from WB to the charts. Love this. And I cannot wait for Crosby to arrive. I know you're ready!