greatest hits

{for more pictures of what we've been up to lately, click here.}

1) spending a morning at the zoo with my big man and little man.
we ran into this cute little girl there.
ben was over the moon...
...until she had to leave.  then he looked like this.
only this gorilla could turn that frown upside down.
2) ben playing in his little brother's room while i get ready for work.
3) our beautiful mobile for crosby's room arriving in the mail.  {thanks, h & l!}

4) assembling crosby's shelves "as a family".  which really means ben is playing, daddy is cussing, and momma is bossing everyone around.  throughout our marriage, chris and i have figured out that assembling furniture is the ultimate test of our communication skills and patience with each other.  our average score is a D-.  but the shelves sure look pretty :)

5) taking a delicious nap after work while my guys play at the park.  i love my husband even more for making that possible.

6) crosby moving off of whatever major vein/artery he has been applying all of his weight on for the past several weeks, making it possible for me to stand for an extended period of time without pain/swelling and sit on the couch without an ice pack.  thanks, crosby.  momma loves you.

7) working out at the gym for the first time without my beloved romina.  i felt a little bit like a lost puppy without my safety net by my side.  but i did it.  and for that, i am proud of myself.

8) another new song/new artist discovery on my favorite television show.  for a minute i thought it was my precious jim james of the band my morning jacket, but upon further research, i learned that it is jesse merchant (or JBM).  what a voice. {i swear i like more than just sad-sounding slow songs.  ALSO, i won't continue to blog about how much i love the show parenthood.  promise.}
9) a day off spent with my boy, his daddy, his grandpa, aunt, uncle, and great-grandparents at the shop.  ben played with paintbrushes and we enjoyed lunch outside together in this beautiful weather.  thursdays are becoming my favorite day of the week.

p.s. as promised, here is a picture of our pretty mirror hung on the wall.  and my giant belly, of course.
until next time, 

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  1. Look at Ben's precious, sad face in that zoo picture! Oh my...so cute.