sunshine daydream

my sweet husband was the guy you knew in college that followed the band phish for the summer.  he has seen the bands moe. and widespread panic in concert at least umpteen thousand times.  his idea of interior design was once framed photographs of jerry garcia.  when selecting names for our children, he does intense research for names that appear in his favorite bob dylan songs.  he has little to no knowledge of 90's radio hits due to his music snobbery obsession.  in this household, we lovingly refer to mr. garcia as uncle jerry.  he was born in the wrong generation, bless his heart.  
i sure do love my handsome hippie.

it appears as though the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.  a few days ago, ben and his daddy went to white rock lake to throw sticks (per usual on a sunny day) when, of course, they happened upon the tail end of a drum circle.  here is my little hippie dancing and spinning (much like his daddy did in college).  please pardon the shakiness; daddy was dancing too.

last night i walked into the kitchen after dinner where a grateful dead dance party was taking place.  my boys were cutting a rug.

our unborn child seems to prefer salsa dancing, or maybe irish- step dancing.  but a he's a dancer, too.  no doubt.


  1. I see he updated his Cubs shirt collection...go cubs go...go cubs go...:)

  2. too cute! benny may have his daddy's taste in music but he knows how to "twirl" like his momma!