greatest hits- spring break edition

hallelujah for spring break. i am heavy and round and a smidge uncomfortable, so this spring break has been like a little gift from heaven.  spending quality time with my boys and the couch is just what the dr. ordered.

1) saturday morning at the first white rock market of the season.  we bought pasta, fresh sourdough, local honey.  ben danced while a man sang beatles songs.  makes us proud of our little neighborhood.
 2) a trip to the farmers market (although we battled this bad attitude while there).  tasted fruit, smelled brisket smoking and corn roasting, saw flowers every color of the rainbow, and fantasized about landscaping our yard.  

 3) spending quality time with the west texas equivalent of my own family (marcy's mom, granny, and sister were in town).  i spent too much money from our barely-hanging-on-for-dear-life money tree, but tell me this bone tray from the wisteria outlet isn't beautiful.  AND due to a tiny bit of damage that my talented husband has already fixed, it was marked down to $29.99 from $200!!!  yep, you heard that right.  
 4) a zoo date with my girl jenn and her girl, ellie grace.  
isn't she beautiful?
 here she is showing off her supermodel good looks, while my wild man is busy acting like a gorilla.
 5) dinner with uncle matt and ava.  our neice was in town to visit her daddy for just a couple of nights, so it was the perfect opportunity for ben to play with his cousin. 

 6) museum of nature and science with mimi (and the 5 million other children and their mommas who are also on spring break).  whew!  but check out my kid.  think he's excited to get to hang out with some dinosaurs?

 he wasn't too sure about that t-rex just around the corner.

7) our buds have bloomed!
8) and the discovery that my pregnancy-induced aversion to cooking can be remedied by using the crock-pot.  little-to-no-prep+low-maintenance+cost-effectiveness=a house that smells good and a well-fed family.

9) curtains and crib bedding made by my momma for crosby.  they are gorgeous, but i am saving pictures of them for my big nursery reveal!  move over hgtv.

happy st. patricks day, everyone!  feel free to drink a green beer for me.  i sure wish you could smell the corned beef i have in the crock-pot right now.

until next time,

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  1. Wow, that is a FACE! At least Chris doesn't look like it's spoiling his good time! :) Sounds like an awesome spring break. And I'm SO jealous of that tray