the dog days are over

i was recently looking back on old posts when i came across this one about being in the weeds with my toddler.  rereading it made me want to cry.  i was having a really hard time as a mommy and ben was having a really hard time as a little boy.  those were a rough few months for this mommy and her son.  i am glad those days are over.  and i know there are more dog days to come, but right now i am enjoying this time with my little boy for these last few precious weeks when he is still my only one.

don't get me wrong.  we still have some kinks we are working out, like bedtime for instance.  and this shockingly huge teenage-like attitude problem, complete with foot-stomping and eye-rolling.  seriously?  the major meltdowns have been replaced with an incredibly funny, smart, VERBAL little boy with an unbelievably vivid imagination.  lately, i want to roll him up in a tortilla, sprinkle him with butter and sugar and 
eat. him. up.

here is a small taste of ben lately:

me: good morning, ben.  can i have a hug and kiss?
b: sure, but not a big one.  i only have little ones today, momma.


b: can i sit by you, daddy?
c: sure, bud.
b: you are my favorite friend.


b: momma, my throat hurts.
me: i'm sorry.  what's wrong with it?
b: there's a frog in it.  an orange one.


b: what's a lesbian?
me: uuuuhhhhhh, a type of lady.
b: o.k.
{yep, totally unprepared for that one!  that's what happens when your sponge overhears the monologue from the oscars.}


me: ben, can you smell that banana?  it smells delicious.
b: yummmmmm.  it smells so yellow.


b: i used to like tow trucks when i was a little boy.


see what i mean?  i cannot handle it.  i hope it lasts forever.


  1. i hope it lasts forever too.

  2. oh man, thanks for sharing that dialogue.. so cute!! when are you due with the next wee one? and.. i want that tortilla with butter and sugar- NOW. xoxo

  3. pretty cute. and i super love the dinosaur picture.

  4. oh my goodness...i want you to make me a tape of benny and his funny dialogue so i can play it over and over all day long. i love yall!!

  5. A lesbian IS a type of lady! I think that's the perfect answer for a boy his age :) You did good, mama.