songs for you

my friend jess posts a song on her blog every friday.  she picks her favorites or the best she heard on the radio that day to help you get through your friday work-day.  isn't she sweet?  she's got good taste and probably makes a killer mix-tape.  i have a specific memory of sitting in her little truck in a drive through to get some tater-tots (ha!) and jamming out to some classic elton john.

inspired by my friend, i have picked a couple of goodies for you to enjoy this weekend.
the original version of this song transports me directly to my junior year in high school.  i am loving this cover just as much.  (thanks, pandora!)

here's one last cover that is a little more toe-tapping.  for some reason this makes me want to be at a music festival twirling around with cold beer in my hand.  is that strange?

have a great weekend.


  1. i like the cover but i feel compelled to say that my heart belongs to the original. oasis - it takes me right back to my high school dorm room - i can literally feel the memory. i love that music has the ability take you places. thanks for sharing some great tunes!

  2. haha!! Tator tots and Elton John (sounds like me)! love you my sweet friend. I know YOU would make a KILLER mixed tape too.. oh, and of course i LOVE me some Ryan Adams as well. xoxo