greatest hits

1) successful ikea trip.  bookshelves: bought.

2) a bridal shower at my sister's for her best friend (the blond bombshell in blue).  her friends are fun, hilarious, and super-cute.  it's fun to be in the audience, even if for just a little bit.
3) a steak dinner with mr. lova lova (remember that song?).  we dressed up, stuffed our faces, caught a late movie (the king's speech---go see it), and even managed to stay awake.  be impressed, be very impressed.

4) family dinner at mom and dad's for zach's birthday.  always delish.  but this picture of my precious cousin jake manages to depress me for a couple of reasons: a) he's too tall, which means he's too old, which means that i am too old.  him being this tall at age 10 isn't good for my self-esteem.  b) he was born when i was in college, which seems like yesterday.  and now he is almost 11, which means that i have been out of college for that long (a reminder that is equally bad for my self-esteem).  how dare he grow up.
5) since we spent all of our money from the money tree on a new mattress, we skipped buying valentine's gifts for each other this year.  chris cheated and bought me these beauties.
for momma.
for daddy.
6) baking carrot-pineapple cupcakes with my favorite little man.
7) a successful trip to the doctor.  it appears as though on sunday i will begin my third trimester.  how did that happen?  doctor's visits will happen more frequently now, which means only one thing: time to pick a paint color for the nursery....

8) a regularly scheduled day off from work.  my little man and i lounged in our jammies, waited on the exterminator, hung up laundry, went to the library, threw sticks and picked weeds at the park.  not that exciting, but so, so good.

9) news that my FIL made it through a very loooooong, intensive back surgery with no complications.  he is already walking around and feeling much better than he did before.  we are so happy that it's over and that he is o.k.  we love you, papa.

10) happy hour at gloria's with my girls this afternoon.  i cannot wait.  maybe they'll let me sniff their mojitos as i fill my belly with chips and beans.

until next time,


  1. what a great "greatest hits"! i love you (and your fam) lots!

    p.s. i am short! and why the hell didn't we get the "tall knight gene"?

  2. great post, courtney. love that it's your "greatest hits" :)

    glad you guys had fun at the shower, it looked wonderful! and congrats on the baby in your belly!!!!!!



  3. ps- you gotta fill me in on your cupcake recipe. k? thanks.