we're all growns up

{if you are listening to this at work or have small children, consider turning the volume down}

we have talked about getting a king-sized bed for years in the same way we talked about a european vacation or winning the lottery.  all were possibilities, but just not likely, considering our money tree died a while back.

 several weeks ago, after a middle of the night bed-wetting incident, ben slept with us.  this is not a regular occurrance, and we work pretty hard to keep it that way.  the three of us didn't get much sleep that night.  chris woke up and said with certainty, "we need a bigger bed".  we are not small people.  and we have another big guy on the way. 
we did a little online research and discovered that jcp was having a 50% off mattress sale that weekend only.  so our goal of buying a new bed sometime this year, turned into buying one now.  we didn't have enough time to consider that a new mattress also means a new bed frame, new sheets, new blankets, and the whole nine yards.  so we watered our money tree and headed to the mall.
it's really amazing that the bed even fits in our bedroom and somehow manages to make it look even bigger.  we did a little rearranging, found some gorgeous bedding on sale, and even bought a bigger tv (you know, since we were on a roll).  i snapped a few pictures today of our "new" bedroom.
 one of my christmas presents was a painting by my dad.  
isn't she lovely?
 my dressing table.  this thrills me to no end.  you have no idea.  all i need now is a make-up mirror.
 25 weeks pregnant and counting.  crosby says hello.

 a place for my pretties.
 our security system.  if anyone breaks in, chris plans on clubbing them to death with a bat and a cane.
 this armoire has been in my parents bedroom my entire life.  and now it's in ours.  i love shit like that :)  and see our snazzy new tv?  it may look small, but it's big to us.  hi oprah!
bedding sale at west elm. love, love, love it.

we are still in the market for a new headboard, but are in no rush because we are too busy sleeping like babies to care.  and now in the future, a couple of babies have room to sleep in between us, if need be.


  1. cort...you are adorable! i love your new room! will you come help me decorate mine please?? and your beautiful belly - i just want to give your crosby a kiss! wish i would be able to see you tonight :(

  2. i thought i commented? hmmm new to this.. ok, you look so beautiful as a preggo lady! love you and love the room!

  3. Looks great! We totally have that security system only it is a bat and samurai sword, aren't men awesome! You should see Andrew in his undies wielding that sword, nothing manlier in my book!

  4. i love the pictures! your room looks great!