greatest hits

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what a week it's been.  a few days of good health and perfect weather book-ended by the virus from hell and record low temperatures.  we have set a record for laziness this week, for the lack of better things to do.  
now presenting: this week's greatest hits.

1) temperatures in the seventies!  playing outside with no coat on.  fever gone.  smiles all around.

 2) rapidly followed by temps in the teens. playing outside (for 3 minutes max) with two coats on.  slippery ice.  snot frozen to face.
 3) cabin fever.  daddy missed two days of work, so we had a weekend in the middle of the week!  ventured out of the house (probably not the smartest move) to the mall (where there was little/no heat and 1/2 the stores were closed).  but lots of mommies had the same idea.  mall = wide open spaces where cooped up young children can run around like lunatics.  makes for an excellent naptime.

 4) and an art project or two in between the mary poppins/toy story/sword and the stone movie marathon.

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