'parenthood' is the new pandora

i remember my parents loving the television show 'thirty-something' when i was a kid.  i always thought it was pretty boring.  'saved by the bell' was much more interesting to me.  

i totally get it now.  in our house, we are in love with the show 'parenthood'.  the casting is perfect, the messages are realistic,  the dialogue is hilarious, and the music is right up my alley.  don't get me wrong, it's no 'real housewives of new york' or 'real world/road rules challenge', but it's close. ha!  

here is my latest song obsession from this week's episode.

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  1. Oh, we love that show, too. It's as close to perfect as a show can get on network television. And you're right, the music seems to always include my new favorite songs. Love.