greatest hits

1) paint on the walls!  woot. woot.  chris (and ben) painted several swatches on the wall to help us pick a new hall color.  ben was not such a fan of the ladder.
2) chris prides himself as a burger connoisseur, of sorts.  he can talk for an hour about his top three favorite burger joints in the metroplex (you think i am kidding...)  he has been raving about this place for months, and on friday i finally got a turn.  so delicious.  for real.

{like father like son}
3) a one-year-old's birthday party.  chris caught up with some old high school buddies and the rest of us marveled at ben's smooth dance moves.  wow.  (happy birthday, hh!)
4) for us, a weekend just isn't a weekend without all-good cafe, good 2 go tacos, or both.  this weekend, it was both.
5) a family reunion.  chris's aunt kathryn and cousin kerry drove from minnesota to oklahoma to visit kerry's boyfriend (who is temporarily stationed there).  although his base is three hours from dallas, they all drove down to have dinner with us.  we fed them mexican food and margaritas and were so sad to see them leave.  it was such a treat for us.  this picture is for you, hugh/lynnette/karin! (lynnette, could you email this to kathy so that she can see the picture?  thanks :)
6) walking into a third-grade classroom to a barrage of compliments over a simple green dress i wore that day.  one precious boy said, "mrs. bonner, mrs. bonner, i LOVE your green dress!  you look like a melon!"
ummm, thanks?  his teacher pointed out that at least i'm pregnant.  good point.

7) bubble wrap.  enough said.
8) finding this picture while going through boxes.  me and my besties in 1997 (in sarah's pretty home-made frame)  she wrote all of our nicknames in puff-paint.  and only one of them stuck.  to this day we still call kelly "esha", short for "moesha", short for "ilean ilay moesha spongy squisher a.k.a. flutter flut flut".  she hates it, but i tend to think it may just be the best. nickname. ever.
9) new hallway color.  biscuit.  makes me hungry just typing it.  but then again i am always hungry.  i wish i were joking.
10) world market gift card leftover from christmas + 20% off all mirrors = new mirror for our hallway.  i'll post another pic once it is hung.
we are looking forward to a weekend where absolutely nothing is scheduled other than assembling bookshelves and unpacking sweet little baby things.  what are your weekend plans?
i hope it is lovely...

miyan, click here for the cupcake recipe. 
{i shortened the cooking time for the cupcakes.}  enjoy!

until next time,


  1. great pictures! i wish i had such stories to tell - my days are much the same, one to the next. =]

  2. thanks, marie. if i know anything about you, it's that you have stories to tell :) just start snapping pictures of your week. it'll tell the story for you. xoxo.

  3. maple & motor is the bomb. been meaning to take bobby there... you've inspired me. also, i can't stop thinking about the wedding invite that was posted before this. IN LOVE!