greatest hits

it drives my little ocd heart crazy that i am posting my greatest hits on friday and not my normal thursday.  i am sure you will forgive me, dear readers.  so here we go.

1) chris put me on house arrest so he snapped this picture after he and ben built this tiny-headed snowman.  something about this picture cracks me up.
 2)  ben pretends to be a gorilla on a regular basis (is that strange?) but this mask FREAKS him out.  this was the one and only time he wore it. 
 3) a superbowl party with adults only.  i didn't know what to do with myself!  good food, good news, good company, and my music twin even brought me copies of some of his favorite new music.  i must say, he is good to me (but i sure did miss his wife!)
have a listen: the newest avett brothers, amos lee, and the decemberists.

4) another snow day.  seriously?  

5) this haircut.  i will always go to an aveda salon for the scalp and arm massages alone.  by the time those are over, i don't even care what my hair ends up looking like.
 6) my pantsless boy wonder helped me hang up valentine's decorations. 
 7) getting to see our sweet crosby one more time.  he kept hiding his face with his arms while spreading his legs and flashing his jewels for all of us to see.  i interpret that to mean that his funny little boy sense of humor is already fully intact.
8) potential 70 degree weather this weekend.  woohooooooooooo!!!!!

until next time,


  1. that is quite the snowman. very cute. ;)

  2. Whew! Internet is back...so glad to be totally caught up on my favorite Dallas family! Love the hair, the pics, the commentary-- and thanks for the Valentine! It's hanging proudly on the fridge. Maybe next year we'll be together-enough to mail one back!! Love y'all-