greatest hits

this week was all about celebrating!  
happy birthday(s), 
chris and chelsey.  xoxoxo.

here are some of the highlights:

1) slow-cooker corned beef and cabbage.  thank you crockpot for a delicious st. patrick's day dinner.

2) my sweetheart's birthday, which included surprising the birthday boy at work with society bakery cupcakes,
hand-made birthday cards,
one-of-a-kind wrapping paper,
and a delicious dinner at eno's pizza in the bishop arts district.  delish.
3) a surprise birthday gift to go see the o's, old 97's, and our beloved robert earl keen, jr
chris discovered a new (to us) band from austin called deadman.
and crosby discovered that he loves to dance to the music of the o's. (this is funny because the guitar player is our favorite waiter at the all good cafe.  it's like crosby knew he was the one delivering piping hot pancakes to him all those times.  and the talented banjo player was my middle school crush.  good old east dallas boys making great music.  gotta love that!)
icing on the cake: REK covered 'i know you rider' by the grateful dead.  this made for one very happy birthday boy.
{i couldn't decide which video to post, so i chose this one because of our pretty skyline in the background. the official video for their latest single is here.}

 4) a joint family birthday dinner for chris and choo.  chelsey picked the entree this year and chris picked the dessert (which always includes something chocolate, topped with homemade ice cream).  the food was delicious and the gifts were out-of-this world.  for reals.
 ben ballin' with the big kids.
5) dinner at my favorite restaurant.
ben prefers to eat his shrimp with a cocktail fork and insists on sharing his dessert with his daddy.

 6) spending my itunes gift card on this goodness.  you either love g.love or hate him.  i happen to love him so.
my husband on the other hand has been hoarding his itunes giftcards and is sitting on approximately a million dollars he has yet to spend.

7) getting a long-overdue manicure.  i got this "shellac" manicure i keep hearing about.  i'll let you know how it holds up.

8) and last but not least, the winner of the best birthday card goes to.......

{given to chris by none other than this girl.}

have a great week, sweet readers.

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