greatest hits

here are the highlights of my week:

1) my (sister's) best friend's wedding.  beautiful bride, beautiful sunset ceremony, and a helluva party.  i managed to get not one single decent shot of the bride in her stunning gown, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
{pictured below is my pretty sister with mom and dad}

2) our first (of many) trips to the dallas flea.  hog heaven.  i desperately wanted to buy indian block stamps, unbelievable textiles, and vintage cowboy boots.  since i couldn't justify these purchases, i left instead with two cards from the card company, southern fried paper (click the link below to see more).  ideas for my future etsy shop are spinning around in my head.

{are we having fun yet?}

3) being dallas-y by spending the afternoon downtown eating lunch outside and playing at main street park.  we normally look at the skyline from a distance while playing at the park.  this time we were in the middle of it.

4) a pit-stop at tcby.  (ben is in his underwear because his clothes were soaked from playing in the fountains downtown, which worked out considering he decided to bathe himself in chocolate frozen yogurt during the car ride back home.)
5) flowers from my guys.
6) bulldozer ben during "nap-time".
7) being spoiled rotten at my diaper shower.  never in a million years did i think i would have a baby shower for my second child, especially since i am having another boy.  but my best friend and sister thought otherwise and organized a little get-together complete with homemade pancakes (aka the key to my heart). chels blogged about it here.  

{the loot}

8) a long overdue snuggle session with baby joe, the blue-eyed son of some dear brown/hazel-eyed friends.
{please ignore the size of my head/body and focus on the baby.  
k?  thanks.}

9) overhearing a conversation between my son and his papa in syracuse.  you have to understand, ben is not a cooperative phone-talker, so when i heard him jabbering non-stop while chris was on the phone with his dad, i had to go check it out.  turns out he IS a phone talker, just like his daddy.

10) the beautiful weather.

life is good, y'all.  how was your week?

until next time,

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  1. love, love, love that pic of ben post tcby!
    also you should take me to dallas flea, k? thanks.
    love you!!!