this and that

it's been a while since i have posted some of my favorite things.  here are the latest jewels i have hoarded from the internet.  i hope you like them too.  {it feels like i am spring cleaning my google reader! feels good.}

{perfect for someone who has been practicing her handwriting since age 5}
{this quote makes me excited for acl music festival with some of my favorite people}
via my blog crush over at design crush

{the former girl scout in me loves these grown-up merit badges.  especially this one for "giving a shit".  sarah, my friend and eternal girl scout, no. 009 is all yours.}


  1. you cleaning out your reader means mine gets more full. i love the first two quotes so much.

    the first i want to write on one of our mirrors at lululemon.

    the other i have big plans for once bobby and i get the chalkboard wall done in the living room.

    thanks. i think.

  2. love the merit badge! you look like a person that would love pinterest. please join so i can follow you and all your awesome finds. =]