the good, the bad, and the ugly

 {32 weeks on the left, 33 weeks on the right}

pregnancy has dirty little secrets.  things no one bothers to prepare you for, not the baby books, not your doctor, not even your mom.  maybe they forgot.  maybe they don't want to scare you or discourage you.  maybe mentioning these things brings back bad memories.  i mean, people must forget how painful childbirth is because women continue to have babies, right?  all of the hormones and endorphins racing through a new mommy's bloodstream must surely do a number on her brain.  no question about that.

my pregnancy with ben was pretty interesting.  i learned a lot.  so much so that i thought there would be no big surprises during this pregnancy.  ummmmm, wrong.  while i don't have high blood pressure with this baby, i most certainly have vericose veins.  what's up with that???  pregnancy definitely keeps me on my toes. (or more literally OFF my toes and ON the couch).

granted, it is all worth it.  no doubt that holding, sniffing, feeding, snuggling a tiny person that YOU MADE, makes all of that pregnancy weirdness much less important.  insignificant, really.  but since i want my blog to be honest and not just full of glossy photos about how much fun we have from week to week, i need to put it out there.  the good, the bad, and the ugly.  (if you ever want more info on the dirty little secrets of pregnancy, message me.)

here is what my current pregnancy experience is like at 33 weeks:

the BAD:

  • crosby feels like he is trying to come out of my navel.  so much so that chris told me the other day that my belly was "pointy".
  • when he is not trying to come out of my navel, he is instead climbing up my ribs trying to escape in the wrong direction.  don't babies know they should drop, not climb?  geez.
  • my ankles hurt.
  • i am grumpy.
  • a co-worker approached me from behind and said, while laughing, that if she hadn't known it was me, she still would've been able to tell i was pregnant due to the size of my legs.  really, lady???  sometimes it's not necessary to say everything that pops into your head, especially to a pregnant lady who wants to bite your head off.
the UGLY:
  • it looks as though someone had taken a handful of gravel and thrown it with force at my legs (o.k. that may be a little dramatic, but you get the idea).  i look bruised and feel bruised, but am not in fact bruised.  i have these spider/varicose veins all over my legs.  my legs look like old lady legs.  which has brought me to the conclusion that old lady legs don't look like that because they are old, but because they are mothers.
  • my attitude.
the GOOD:
  • to end on a positive note (i am trying here, people), i am still sleeping like a baby.  in fact, it's all i want to do.  poor ben.  he has an absentee mother.
  • i will have a new baby to sniff and snuggle in a mere 6 weeks.
  • there is a possibility he will look a little like this:
{ben, less than 1 week old}


  1. oh, it is so easy to forget. my pregnancy (and first 3 weeks!) with Jack were so not fun, and yet I sit here totally jealous of you! Hang in there, girl!
    (By the way, i've never been the type of girl to say "girl", but Aly and Caroline think it's hysterical so it's made it's way into my vocabulary! Funny how that happens!)

  2. thanks for the honesty of this post. xoxo