sad songs

i am a sucker for a good sad song.  here are a few goodies i thought i'd share for your friday listening pleasure.
i am in love with the original version of this song by bonnie raitt and i was lucky enough to hear her sing it at jazzfest many moons ago.  this bon iver version was just brought to my attention recently and i fell in love with it all over again.  i've never been able to get into bon iver so much, but that may have just changed...

yeah, yeah, i know it's not 'cool' to love dave matthews anymore.  blah, blah.  i can't help it.  i've loved him since the mid-nineties and like i've said before, i'm loyal.  this is one of my mostest favoritest sad songs.  break up songs are the best (what's wrong with me???)
you could close your eyes and randomly select any song from ray lamontange's catalog and find a quality sad song.  but this song about a loveless relationship is my favorite of his.
i used to play this song for my sixth-graders and give them a creative writing assignment over it.  you can't beat this one with a stick.

so that concludes my sad song tutorial for the day.  what are some of your favorite sad songs?


  1. I love sad songs too! Now I don't feel quite as weird ;). I love Ryan Adams' album Gold. Has a couple of good sad ones, like "Harder Now that it's Over": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nXE-EkFPzE

    But the whole album really...and oldie but a goodie!

  2. evening kitchen by band of horses. also a good break-uppy kind of song. i'm with you - i love a good break-up song even though i haven't broken up with someone (thankfully) in a long time. i've always loved to wallow in a good, sad song...

  3. Nobody in His Right Mind by George Strait.
    Break my heart, George!