eight fears

*i think this one is lame and rather skip it entirely, but since i am a rule-follower to the worst degree, i'll do it anyway.  ugh.

1) cockroaches.  i can barely type it, i hate them so much.  i have nightmares about them.  for real.
2) being broke for-e-ver. (must be said like that kid from sandlot).
3) plane crashes.  my brain can't help but go there at least once during a flight.

4) the dark. (i am much better about this one now that i am an adult, but it ruled my world when i was little.  i would run as fast as i could down the long, dark hall from my room to my parents room.  and once, my legs were asleep.  it wasn't pretty.)
5) death.  at age 30, i lost my grandfather.  it rocked my world and i dread ever having to go through anything like that again.

6) my babies growing up and doing dumb shit that will majorly stress us out.  think back to most of the teenage boys you used to know and you will understand my fear.  let's just pray that they are the types that only care about harry potter and such.

7) someone hurting my babies.
8) running out of gas. i always wait until the very last minute to fill up.

that was dumb.

what are your fears?


  1. regarding plane crashes, i don't know that they're really one of my fears but i do think about it every time i'm on a plane. if i'm on my way somewhere, i have to say out loud "i hope this plane doesn't crash before we get to go on vacation." i feel like saying it out loud lessens the chance that it will actually happen. but on the way home i usually just think to myself "if the plane crashes now, i'm okay with that."
    (and i love that picture of the planes!)

  2. cortney...seriously...it's like you live in my brain. cockroaches were one of the big reasons i was afraid to move back to texas. for real. every house we looked at, my only question was whether or not there was a roach problem (specifically, the giant, flying ones with independently moving heads. YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT). Fear of plane crashes...check. Fear of the dark...check. especially if there's a mirror in that dark room (bloody mary ring a bell?). it's always tough to admit your fears, but such a relief when you realize everyone has them.